Post-game thoughts: disappointment

Disappointing is the only word that fits here. By and large, the Huskies outplayed the Eagles for the first two periods, went up 3-1, and looked good in the process. They played a consistent game, they stopped BC from getting a lot of second-chances, and prevented them from getting a lot of sustained pressure. They even carried that momentum into the 3rd period, playing well the first 5 minutes.

After that though, Northeastern just seemed to slow down. Perhaps it was a lack of energy. It was fairly obvious that the first two lines of forwards played far more than the 3rd or 4th lines. That was their downfall. They just couldn’t keep up the tempo, and BC could. BC didn’t give up even though they were down. They kept attacking, and Northeastern played passively, allowing them to keep up sustained pressure for long stretches.

Northeastern played a great game for 2 periods, What they need to do, however, is get that to happen for 3 periods. Hopefully, bringing back Ferriero will add some more strength, and with the freshman really making an impact, the Huskies can play every game with a deeper group and therefore not rely so much on the top 6 forwards or top-4 defensemen. I think this is something that will continue to improve, it’s a matter of improving over time and working on the system. When the Huskies can work their system, they can play well against anyone in this league, They just need to play like that all game.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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