Saturday Preview: #2 Boston College

This is the marquee matchup of the weekend. After the crazed goal-filled games of last years where both sides threw everything into the game and every game came down to the wire, it’s a new season and a new coach. Boston College has been having their fun so far, outscoring opponents 22 goals to 11 in 5 games (for reference, Northeastern has scored 11 goals total in their 4 games).

This game is going to be high-octane, fast paced hockey. Boston College wins by outracing you. They pounce on turnovers, chase down pucks, force odd man rushes, and make you pay for being out of position. BC has tons of scoring threats, with 6 guys having 2 goals or more, and another 5 having scored 1 goal.

Now, this is going to sound dire for the Huskies. If Northeastern plays like it did against Merrimack or UMass, or Maine, this game will be brutal. Northeastern needs to play like they did against UNH: shut down odd-man rushes, break up offensive pressure, and generate their own offensive pressure. They need to block shots and forecheck aggressively. Northeastern, in other words, needs to be on their game. They need to play a good game, not make mistakes, and be aggressive enough to jump on any miscues that the Eagles make. Rawlings needs to be on his game, because when he’s on he keeps us in the game even if the defense and offense are letting him down. My hope is that he’s angry enough from last night to be on his game today and keep BC off the scoreboard.

In the end, I think BC will likely win this 4-2. They are on fire right now, and unless we can play a complete game, I think BC keeps on rolling unfortunately.


About kingcullen

I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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