Merrimack postgame thoughts

The Northeastern Huskies were downed, 4-1 by the Merrimack Warriors yesterday. They lost because they didn’t play like they did against UNH. They couldn’t put sustained pressure on Cannata, and couldn’t keep up a solid offensive pressure for a while. The defense was bad. Any defense that lets 47 shots on goal should have a serious talk afterwards. It seems that Rawlings, despite being pulled, played a good game. Madigan wanted to spark his team, and also perhaps give Rawlings a rest for the game today.

Merrimack’s gameplan was to grind out a win, and Northeastern played too fancy, and it cost them. Northeastern refused to get dirty to win, and they suffered accordingly. The Eibler 5-minute major, whether deserved or not, was the final nail in the coffin and sealed the game. There’s really nothing more to say. Northeastern couldn’t keep up pressure, and did an atrocious job at stopping Merrimack’s pressure.


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  1. Anthony says:

    I agree 100% with your analysis of last nights game. The defensive team that we saw last week against UNH was a no show and the offense was pitiful. I give a lot of credit on the last part to Merrimack’s defense which made very few mistakes. I’m seriously concerned about our PP as well. As was the case last year, the team gets little production, if any, from it. There were a couple of times that they cycled the puck, but couldn’t get it down low and settled for shots from the point which didn’t make it through to Cannata. It will be interesting to see how they respond tonight against a terrific BC club.

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