Post-game Thoughts

Well that was…interesting. A very up and down game. Every time the Huskies scored, it seemed that Xavier scored right back. I would say the first 50 or so minutes were very solid, and it really only fell apart with the flurry of goals at the end. Some Pluses and Minuses:


-Chris Rawlings: I thought he played very solidly today, no real mistakes and seemed to be improving on his lateral movement (he stopped a backdoor pass that a slower goalie would have let in).

-Brian Mountain: Is he now our backup goalie? Despite his short stature, he played pretty well, letting in only 1 goal.

-Power Play: When they didn’t score on the first 5-on-3, I was experiencing some deja vu. But we scored on the 5-on-4, and ended up going 4/8 on the power play, including some nice goals by Justin Daniels and Mike McLaughlin. Shooting into the screen seems to have paid off as well, getting us 2 of the PP goals.

-Defense: I thought the defense played pretty well. The 4 veterans were excellent, and the freshmen didn’t make major mistakes. I don’t recall any odd man rushes allowed, and we did a good job of forcing their forwards to the outside.



-Penalty Kill: letting in 4 PP goals on 9 chances? Got to improve. I thought some of it may have been Witt, because we started off with a strong PK, but it went downhill in the 3rd period.

-Discipline: 9 penalties is way too many. They were also dumb penalties, stuff that really needs to be stopped if we want to win games.

-Clay Witt: If anything, this game solves any debate on who to play Friday. Witt just wasn’t good, he was very rusty, and should have stopped most of the 6 goals he let in.


Players I thought looked good:

-Karlsson: not anything flashy, but he has size and speed, which helps explain his pairing with Ferriero and Quailer.

-Adam Reid. I didn’t see a lot but his drive to the net in the 1st was excellent, and has some puck-handling skills.

-Justin Daniels: A 1-2-3 line? That’s what I want to see. His PP goal was excellent, and if it continues he’ll have a big season

-Mike McLaughlin: easy to see why he’s captain. He played strong, worked hard, and scored (though the jury’s still out on his line of all small speedsters. Didn’t work well last year).


Final Notes:

-Quailer, Ferriero, and Karlsson will all not play next week. Quailer and Ferriero have suspensions from the end of last year, and Karlsson is missing 2 games due to NCAA eligibility issues (I’m guessing his play in Sweden broke some NCAA rule). The Stone-Morra-Manno line will replace them (as they’re the 5th line so to speak).

-Northeastern opens up against UMass on Friday at 7, and then has Maine on Sunday. Should be interesting considering that we’re essentially playing without our 2nd line.


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I'm a 21 year old college student at Northeastern University.
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